Impact of Classical Feng Shui
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• Classical vs Symbolic
• Impact of Classical Feng Shui
• Application of Feng Shui
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Although it is quite safe to follow the Classical Feng Shui techniques and methods found in general Classical Feng Shui books that are available at bookshops, it is quite another matter when it comes to applying the Classical Feng Shui methods and techniques found over the internet.

A very common technique that comes to mind is the “5 ghost carry treasure” technique or water placement methods to accelerate wealth luck.

Most of the instructions given are either abbreviated or it assumes the reader has the required Classical Feng Shui knowledge to implement and avoid the pitfalls.

So the result is nothing happening (if lucky) or worst, it backfires onto the person or their family.

In Classical Feng Shui, a little knowledge or knowledge not properly understood, can be a dangerous thing. There is a chance it may not be life threatening perhaps but it can be an annoyance nevertheless, if not properly administered.
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