Classical vs Symbolic
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We just delivered a talk on introducing Feng Shui and the question asked most often was “What’s the difference between symbolic feng shui and Classical Feng Shui?”.

Here’s the short version: Classical Feng Shui achieves harmony and balance by manipulating or managing the existing Qi in a house or a given location while symbolic feng shui uses objects, often of Chinese influence, to remedy or enhance a location and is frequently the approach employed by New Age Feng Shui practitioners.

The long version says that comparatively, more traditional (read: older) Feng Shui practitioners tend to use symbolism to enhance or remedy a given location in a house. Most of these cures and enhancements are deeply -rooted in Chinese culture.

During my parents’ and their parents’ time, Feng Shui practitioners use specific Chinese symbols for specific cures. Majority of them still do, by the way.
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