Q01. The perennial question - what is classical Feng Shui?
Q02. Is Classical Feng Shui religious in nature?
Q03. Do I need to believe in Classical Feng Shui for it to work?
Q04. Do I need to spend a lot of money to implement Classical Feng Shui?
Q05. Can I use Classical Feng Shui to deal with all my problems?
Q06. Is Classical Feng Shui about the "art of placement"?
Q07. Do you need a person's bazi to complete a Feng Shui audit?
Q08. Is there a universal wealth/romance/family/career sector in Classical Feng Shui?
Q09. Is it true that water equals to wealth?
Q10. How can you prove Classical Feng Shui really works and not jus some psychobabble BS?
Q11. Can I do my own Feng Shui?
Q12. How do I choose a good Classical Feng Shui consultant?